🤷🏼 How to activate the simulator on local files ?


Chrome extensions are not allowed to execute by default on local files. But if you want to activate the mobile simultor on a local file we of course need to execute a script to create the view. So to do that you have to manually activate a Chrome option.

Example of local file URL
Local file URL

Activate the option

Step 1

Browse the Chrome extension settings page by loading this URL chrome://extensions, or click on this picto (on the top right) then click on "Manage Extensions"

Then find the "Mobile simulator" extension and click on "Details"
Chrome extension allow local files

Step 2

Find the option "Allow access to file URLs".
Then activate this option
Chrome extension allow local files

Step 3

Load a local file in your browser.
Then activate the simulator. It should work now 😊
Chrome extension allow local files


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