🤷🏼 My media queries are not working


This mobile simulator attempts to replicate the behavior of a mobile device on a computer. Unfortunately, despite many technical tips to achieve this, some things may not work. Here is the list below regarding Media Queries

@device-width @device-weight @device-aspect-ratio

These features will not work well because it will be based on the width (or height) of your computer screen and not on the simulated mobile screen. It is better to use @width or @height.

In addition, this feature is no longer recommended. Though some browsers might still support it, it may have already been removed from the relevant web standards, may be in the process of being dropped, or may only be kept for compatibility purposes. More information

@orientation @display-mode @resolution @device-pixel-ratio

These features cannot work properly with this mobile simulator. We recommend specifically testing this on a real device.